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Enter Web3 with ease. Tokenize your physical products as NFTs and unlock endless opportunities for engagement and revenue. Empower your brand and embrace the decentralized revolution.


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What is Objectify?

Objectify enables brands to seamlessly tokenize their rare and limited edition items. Bring true ownership to your customers by empowering them to confidently buy, sell, and redeem your products using secure blockchain technology.

Objectify unlocks the full potential of your products by bestowing owners with a legal entitlement to redeem their NFTs for tangible items. Buyers may sell their NFTs in secondary markets or hold them for potential value appreciation. Holders may opt to redeem or “burn” their tokens and receive the physical product with a Soulbound NFT - a token of authenticity. The Soulbound token entitles its holder to exclusive features and benefits, creating long-term engagement between the holder and the Brand.

  • 🔓

    Unlock revenue streams by selling your physical products as NFTs on Web3 marketplaces.

  • 🚀

    Expand brand reach with exclusive digital experiences, leveraging the power of Web3 to drive engagement and loyalty.

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    Boost authenticity, proof of origin and ownership through legal contracts.

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    Build a loyal and engaged community of collectors, creating an engaged network of brand enthusiasts.

  • ⚡️

    Harness the excitement of NFTs - outpace your competitors and captivate digital collectors.


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Portfolio Development

We are proving our value one drop at a time, working with a few select brands to bring our vision of Tokenization to life. We iron out all details and challenges while learning what works best for our partners and NFT buyers.

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