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Your brand + Web3 is the future of ownership Objectify helps brands unlock the full potential of tokenization and build their Web3 legacy. We are obessed with creating new value for our partners using our creative and loyalty-driven approach.


  • Théo Poisson

    Théo Poisson


    Theo Poisson, Co-Founder & CEO, brings a wealth of experience to the world of tokenization. With a degree in IT engineering and product management experience in the Web3 industry, Theo has worked with numerous start-ups, leveraging his expertise to drive their success. Theo's early interest in Blockchain technology and passion for Web3 fuels Objectify's mission to transform the interaction between physical products and the digital realm.

  • Fabien Canno

    Fabien Canno


    Fabien Canno, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, is a seasoned entrepreneur with an impressive track record in business development and strategic partnerships. With extensive experience in driving sales and forging valuable relationships, Fabien plays a pivotal role in delivering growth and building awarness in Tokenization. His deep understanding of the Web3 industry and commitment to reshaping digital ownership make him a trusted advisor to businesses leveraging Objectify's solutions.

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